moving service

Moving Service

From over fifty years we take care of our customers during their moving. Our skilled and trained staff guarantee the highest standards for local, national, international, intercontinental, business and industry moving.

Local and National moving

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi operates directly on Italian territory. We always use the most suitable solution for your needs. The company owns not only different kind of trucks, but also aerial platforms and lifts. We provide additional services such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing and waste disposal.
 Every moving service is covered by insurance.

International and Intercontinental moving

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi is able to handle international and intercontinental moving both for private and companies. We can let you move by land, sea or air.
 These services are covered by insurance as well.

Business and Industry moving

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi provide the best services for business and industry. Our goal: to deliver and assemble as quickly as possible – and with the utmost precision – all your stuff to the new premises, in order to avoid waste of business time.
 Thanks to our equipments and our skilled staff, we are able to safely move heavy equipment (machines, safes, warehouse and storage equipment) and fragiles (furniture, computers, lamps, paintings and sculptures, etc.).

Moving “at the state of the Art”

Reliability is the word. Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi always provides excellence to the customers, even when it’s matter of Art. We can handle your valuable items: paintings, sculptures, installations, but also antiques, historical music instruments, etc.
 Each of these needs care and attention. We can provide you something priceless: serenity. You will always be sure that your belongings are in good hands, and that everything will reach it’s final destination in excellent condition. We start to be careful from the very first step, with custom packaging. We guarantee a safe transport on our well equipped trucks. A complete nail to nail service. Of course, this service is covered by dedicated insurance that cover all risks. 
Everything to ensure the best for your valuables.



Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi ensure a complete, accurate and puntual delivery for all shipments whether by air, sea or land. We work both with our staff and in partnership with the most important and reliable operators from all around the world.

Air Freight

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi can handle international shipments by air, forwarding your belogings on the main routes around the world. Thanks to the partnerships with the most reliable air carriers and airport operators, we can assure efficiency, punctuality and safety for your goods, including perishable, fragile, and valuable products.

Our solutions for European and intercontinental Air Freight:
– door to door
– door to airport
– airport to airport
– airport to door

As an additional service for air shipments, when/where required we create and use ISPM-15 certified crates (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures 15). These crates comes with phytosanitary treatment (FAO and WTO approved), to reduce the spread of forest pests via raw wood. 
All our packaging is treated with fumigation in order to cleanse the wood from pests and to let our customers be in compliance with health normatives and customs requirements.

Sea Freight

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi offers custom solutions and services for international Sea Freight, thanks to the partnerships established with major sea shippers.
 We always guarantee an efficient management at every step: from loading to unloading, from customs clearance to door to door transport.

Our solutions for international Sea Freight:
– standard container (FCL)
– groupage (LCL)
– multimodal delivery

Overland shipments

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi offers European and Italian groupage/dtd routes. This comes together with a master experience in shipments management, including “special” goods (fragile, precious, etc.).
 For safety reasons, all our trucks are constantly monitored thanks to a GPS control system.

self storage deposito

Self Storage

When it’s time to talk about “storage” Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi is second to no one. You can choose to bring your stuff to our storage by yourself, or ask to us to collect them from your home and leave us doing the job. You can choose between different solutions, by total volume and dimensions. The Self storage is always available, you can use it when you want. You choose how long will be your rental period, and it will be just like your personal box! You can go back and forth limitless. When the rent is over, you can choose to bring your stuff back by yourself or ask to us to do it for you.

Self Storage for private customers

If your home is full of unused stuff but you do not want to trash them or give them away, we have the right solution for you. Using our Self Storage will let you regain a lot of space and your stuff will always remain accessible. Just tell us how many space do you need and how long you need it. We will surely find the best option for you.

Self Storage for businesses and companies

If your company counts different agents throughout your country but it doesn’t worth to open new branch offices for let them keep safe your merchandise or documents, we can give you the right solution. You can rent some space in our Self Storage in order to solve the issue. Even if your warehouse’s run out of space temporarely, you can count on us, we will keep in custody your goods for how long you will need. And in a proper way. Contact us, we will provide you the solution you are searching for. At a very reasonable prices!

When you run out of space…use our Self Storage!



If you are responsible for the relocation of your employees or your family contact us, our staff can help you!

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi offers a complete relocation service. We assist our customers during the entire process, starting from house hunting (proposing different housing solutions) including check-in and check-out services. We manage your moving, from the departure point to the arrival point.

We can take care of the management of all utilities (water service, telephone line, gas service, electricity service). We manage as well bureaucratic and administrative aspects, such as ID cards, VISA, and so on. For you and your family. Finally, we provide the best support in the choice of school for your children and language classes for your family.

other services altri servizi

Other services

Waste Removal and Clearance services

Moving is often an opportunity for making some clearance: if you want to throw away some old furniture or appliance, Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi provides clearance and disposal service. We have a waste disposal license and we operate following an Ecological Systems, concerning is a pre-setting of the materials, before bring them to the dump. Always in accordance to recycling principles.
 We are always very careful regarding sustainability and respect for the environment.
 We take care of the disposal of any type of furniture, machinery and equipment made of or including the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Mixed
  • Dangerous goods

Truck and van rental services (with driver)

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi takes care of your needings. You can hire one of our vehicle with a driver. This could be the best solution for a diy moving. You can personally bring your stuff from one house to another or directly from the store to your home.
 Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi’s fleet includes vans and trucks of different sizes and capacities: contact us and we will help you to find the best option for you.

Packing material for sale

Use the correct materials for packaging is the first point. According to your needs we can pack everything for you before the move or, if you prefer, you can buy from us the best materials for a diy packing day:

  • Cartons of different sizes
  • Wooden crates (custom)
  • Adhesive tapes and tape guns
  • Bubble sheets, polystyrene chips
  • Wrapping paper
  • Isothermal containers (ideal for drugs, food and perishables)

Plumbing and electrical services

With Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi, nothing is left to chance. Our team provides assistance and expertise for every technical need during your moving. Thanks to the support of our plumbers and electricians, the integrity of your kitchen appliances, your bathroom furniture and air conditioners will be preserved. 
You can choose between two kind of assistance: basic assistance (included in standard moving services) and advanced assistance (on demand). With the advanced assistance we will provide you services as equipment fixing, new lights installation, etc.

Carpentry services

Thanks to service as carpentry Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi makes the difference. When some of your furniture doesn’t perfectly fit into your new house, our carpentry team comes to help you. In this way you will never need to throw away furniture in good conditions just because “it doesn’t fit”. Thanks to the intervention of the “right craftsman at the right time” we can adapt, adjust and give new life to your furniture. This is one of the most appreciated service by our customers.

Lift rental services (with operator)

If you have to move something big, so big that it can not pass through your stairs, then you probably need a lift! Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi provides a lift rental service, so you can have your lift together with a trained operator. Lift can be rented per day and can reach any floor from the outside. The operator will assists you during all the operations. Our technical department is available to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Customs Consulting

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi counts many different professionals staff. A skilled customs agent can help you on your import/export transactions. He will advise you on customs classification for goods, on bureaucratic and administrative requirements, on the evaluation of the proper customs regime, and on import/export custom declarations. This will make your life easier!