About us

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi put it’s passion for this job on every single service. Only people doing this job with passion can understand that for a family moving means let other people taking in charge your belongings, that often have great personal value.

Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi knows that a moving is never a simple removal, it always comes with a lot of emotions and it is often stressful. Our goal is to let you move in the most comfortable way. So you will leave behind your old house and will enter into the new one with a better attitude.

Almost fifty years ago we did our first move, a local one. Nowaday, after this long experience, our leadership it’s been strengthened thanks to the continue effort of our employees: from the managers to the drivers, carpenters, handlers and logistics staff.

Our experience and reliability are based on the trust of more than 5.000 customers, with an average of 800 moving services and over 200 shipments per year.

The Fleet

Our fleet counts it’s constantly inspected. It counts different trucks by size and volume. Thank to this, we can afford any kind of removal, even in city centre. All our fleet comes with protective padding, in order to safely move fragile, old furnishings but also fine art.

All vehicles include special ladders and aerial platforms to reach top floors from outside. Our fleet in detail:

  • 20 vehicles
  • 100 containers
  • 5 elevators


Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi. Did you notice that our company name is also our founder name? Mr. Lorenzo, the father of Francesco and Piero, chose to give his personal name to his company because in Italy it is very common to identify a company with his owner, and this makes everything more trustworthy. Family values and tradition that goes on till today for the second generation.

For this reasons, each staff member is like a family member.

Thanks to recurrent training classes each employee is always keep updated. Different specialized personnel let us provide to our customer a wide range of services, beyond the moving itself. Additional services as carpentry, electrical assistance, plumbing and others are possible thanks to our skilled staff, which is the most specialized you’ll ever find in a moving company.

All our staff has been recruited and trained by the company because we want you to know that you are always in good hands.


Q for Quality, Q for Quartarone: is that a coincidence?

Quality is an important matter for us. Quality of service, quality of staff, quality of equipments, quality of process. Every single step of our job is really important and we must be concrete and focused to reach our main goal: customer satisfaction. Our procedures have been standardised and refined over the years to reduce any risk of error. And ensure efficiency as well. Quartarone Lorenzo Traslochi is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.